Imagine a place where you can explore technologies, engage with experts, and create amazing artifacts.

Where you find top-notch skills, challenging projects, spaces and machinery to bring ideas to life.

learn with the best

We select experts in embedded systems, mechatronics, and mechanics to share insights into the forefront of the discipline and reveal their secrets.

Build astonishing artifacts

We create moving walls, floating screens, and physical pixel displays. Come and give it a try yourself: we provide the tools.

share your passion

Do you enjoy making things work?
Imagine doing it in a cohesive and multidisciplinary team, blending ideas and skills.

„I had the true pleasure of participating in my first hackathon, thanks to the great work made by Leva. I'm really looking forward to participating in other similar opportunities to challenge my skills and acquire more knowledge and practical skills!”

Edoardo blanco

CubeSat team

What's next?

In February, we'll be hosting a free workshop where you can share your interests, form a team, and generate wild ideas to bring to life in the coming months.

There will be only two half-day sessions with 5-6 selected participants.